Building integrated photovoltaic - solar modules adapted to your facade or windows

A solar facade system converts sun radiation into electrical energy and most facades can be used or adapted for solar installation.

Energise your façade with architectural solar panels for building integrated photovoltaic modules. Solar cladding allows you to integrate solar cells into the skin of buildings using glass /glass laminate. BIPV technology offer many advantages:

* Ventilation of facade
* electricity production
* thermal insulation
* noise reduction

Reference project of 2017

Multi - layer structures for facades and windows

The multi-layer glass structures with integrated solar modules can be used to provide thermal insulation. In addition, most modules can also be integrated into double or triple glazing units or used as alternative secondary glazing as front cladding for curtain, walls or roof insulation elements. The standard configurations:

Contact us for our laminated safety glass modules VSG or laminated safety glass ISO module - IGU. We are open for other modifications.