Intelligent Solar, UAB Export Development in Existing and New Markets. Project Number (03.2.1-LVPA-K-801 Naujos Galimybės LT)


The goal of the project – Intelligent Solar, UAB develops and manufactures unique solar modules for building facades and roofs, which not only act as a power plant generating electricity, but also create a modern and aesthetic appearance of the building. The company has been successfully exporting their products to nearby markets (Germany, Holland, France, Poland and Norway) and is planning export expansion to new markets such as Sweden, Canada, the United States, China and the United Kingdom.

During project implementation period, the company is planning to participate in 3 major technology and innovation exhibitions. By participating at targeted international exhibitions, the company will have the opportunity to present its products, establish useful contacts internationally, discover the subtleties and characteristics of different foreign markets. Attendance at events is expected to have a significant impact on raising awareness of the company, which will benefit attracting new clients and partners. Successful operations will help the company strengthen their existing market position and ensure its competitiveness in new markets.


Project executor – Intelligent Solar, UAB

The total value of the project – €31494.00

Funded part of the project – €15747.00