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Photovoltaic solar panels can be designed and adapted according specific technical requirements and technical solution. Intelligent solar factory can manufacture using two main technologies – glass/glass and glass back sheet solar panels.

Glass/Backsheet (folio) solar panels

Sandwiched between solar glass on front side and TPT or PPE back sheet on the bottom. The most popular and commonly used technology in the world for crystalline solar panels.

80 percent of their nameplate performance after 20 years of operation.

Glass/Glass solar panels

Sandwiched between glass on both front and back, solar cells are optimally protected against environmental factors such as water intrusion. Cells also are less susceptible to shear stress, thereby reducing cell breakage.


80 percent of their nameplate performance after 30 years of operation.

Extra options and parameters for Glass/Backsheet and Glass/ Glass solar panels:

* Size from 0.17mm x 0,34 m to 2,3m x 3,7m
* Coloured solar cells
* Coloured front glass or front folio

* Coloured back glass
* Edge junction box
* Various shape like ellipse, triangle and etc.