Module cell options

This is one of the most important options. It determines the efficiency, electrical parameters and even the final look of your module. Intelligent Solar production is set up to be as flexible as possible to meet the needs of each and every customer. Therefore, we offer several cell standards and additional options.

cell size

Cell Sizes and Half-Cut Cells

We currently offer monocrystalline cells in 3 sizes. In the future, we plan to introduce even more. Cells can be cut in half as well. The cells we produce come with 5 or 9 busbars, regular PERC, and bifacial.

Matrix Capabilities

The solar cells within PV modules are arranged in accordance with customer's aesthetic views, or so that they facilitate the highest possible level of power generation.


Black Option

This is an option when the primary focus is on the maximum efficiency of the module. Thus we preserve its simplicity and get full performance.

Full-Black Option

If an architect or designer claims that homogeneity is the key, our company can help here as well, by both covering interconnections and dealing with busbars. In such cases, customers need to be aware that they replace some power with beauty.

full black

We can help you with finding the perfect balance between module efficiency and the image of the completed product.