EU Projects

Financing instrument: Programme „Eksperimentas“ No. 01.2.1-LVPA-K-856
Implementation period: 2020-2023

The proposed project aims to develop the technological and digital solutions for the semi-automated production of colour solar modules and to demonstrate their efficiency in the production of tailored building integrated photovoltaics.

The project is implemented by two partners: UAB Intelligent Solar and UAB Gravera. UAB Intelligent Solar is one of the fastest growing companies in the photovoltaic sector in Lithuania and the EU. Company is actively making partnerships with international companies and research institutes which enables them to foster research and development of new products and solutions. UAB Gravera is the oldest glass processing company in Lithuania, which started its activities back in 1994. Constantly evolving company offers a wide and modern range of processing and production of glass and satellite materials solutions.

By applying UAB Intelligent Solar technological know-how and partner’s expertise in glass painting technology the project activities are aiming at solving the identified scientific and technological problems, therefore three new products will be developed:

  • Multifunctional data matrix tool for digital ceramic printing (SMART-Print).
  • Technological solution for semi-automated production line with integrated digital lamination process management tool (BIPV-GO).
  • Building integrated photovoltaic construction elements for facade and roof application with design solution and installation mechanism (ALFA-Solar). ALFA-Solar products will be manufactured with the experimental production line which will have integrated technological and digital solutions developed during the project.

The implemented solution would allow the partners to develop a portfolio of products meeting construction industry standards (possibility to replace standard construction materials) that would meet market and consumer expectations ensuring the participating companies’ competition and business development.

The project is co-funded by European Regional Development fund and budget of Lithuanian Government.