Module front-side options

High transmittance combined with even higher resilience is a must for the front of the solar module, so glass is a natural choice. Intelligent Solar works with all global glass manufacturers to offer the largest possible selection of glass. Our customers can opt for different transparency, colours, finishes, and textures. And if that's still not enough, our company offers the benefits of digital printing. Please find several of the most popular front-side glass choices below.

Low-iron glass

Low-Iron Glass

It offers a smooth and simple surface, good looks, and perfect functionality. This type of glass is widely used by architects and designers in projects that demand high clarity and generate a maximum of electric energy.

Screen Glass

Although less transparent than low-iron glass, it has grain textures formed in a way, so that the larger surface captures more sunlight and this at least partially compensates for the yield loss. This front glass is used to eliminate the sun reflections and at the same time create a softer look.

Screen glass
Frost glass

Frost Glass

The chemically etched surface lets less light in, however, is appreciated by the customers for the vibe it creates. Not only generated kilowatts but also the well-being of our customers is important, and the smooth satiny surface adds a positive note to the whole project.

Glass With Digital Printing

Your imagination is the limit. Intelligent Solar works with world-class designers creating printable files out of your sketch. The entirely white or Yakisugi wall, terracotta roof or bricks transferred onto solar façade – we can do it all.

Digital printing
Textured glass

Textured Glass

As custom-made BIPV manufacturer, we produce solar modules with the variety of surfaces to make your project unique. Here you can see how AGC flute glass becomes a source of energy in our factory.

Glass Size and Shape

We offer PV modules of various sizes and shapes (square, rectangle, even curved glass). The size and shape of our PV modules is made to fit specific applications (façade, roofs, pergolas, various railing systems, etc.)

Size and shape

The front glass is a very important element that determines the appearance and functionality of your façade. And this does not cover all options we currently offer our customers.