The Victory Boogie Woogie Tunnel is a new tunnel connecting the centre of the Hague with the Ypenburg interchange. The tunnel is a part of the Rotterdamsebaan and is 1,860 meters long. Our company was invited to help develop a sustainable tunnel using our PowerGlas solar panels.

  • locationThe Hague, The Netherlands
  • architect-
  • date2021
  • typePV (Glass/Glass with IGU)
  • qty.450



EXTRA LARGE, this is one way to describe these unique solar modules. Of course it required a complete set of “Extras” to make this project feasible, like unique construction and extraordinary strength.


The Victory Boogie Woogie tunnel is now one of the most sustainable tunnels in Europe. One of the key requirements was to maintain a certain level of transparency. Having that in mind our R&D developed the cell arrangement design to generate maximum power and still let the sunlight in.


Victory Boogie Woogie.